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Moving to a new house can be a stressful time, particularly if a sale falls through. Don’t worry if this happens as there are often ways to get it back on track. Read through this blog article where we talk about the potential pitfalls to avoid during your negotiations and share some tips to help your sale move forward. 

If something unexpected comes up in a survey, it may be a big enough problem to make the sale fall through. 

Typically we do see most house sales fall through due to survey reports. Unexpected work picked up on a survey may cause some purchasers to walk away from a sale. It is advisable that if works needs to be carried out at a property, it would be beneficial to rectify them before the property goes on the market.

A chain can fall apart for many reasons, and sometimes people can get bored of waiting and find a house elsewhere. The results of a single break can be huge, a sale falling through at the bottom of a chain of sales can potentially jeopardise all of the others, causing a domino effect. Being in a chain-free position as a seller can be a huge advantage. 

During a Negotiation
Negotiations can be a tricky time, and you can find yourself dealing with surprising demands. It is worth being flexible, and remembering that small details should not be a make-or-break on your deal. This is also where choosing the right estate agent for you can be important, as the agent will be negotiating on your behalf. 

People changing their mind and pulling out 
Situations change all the time. Someone could lose their job, a family member could become ill, or people can simply have second thoughts. At times, as much as the buyer wants to move ahead, they may just not be able to. The current market can make it very difficult for vendors to find an onward purchase and the economic uncertainty can trigger buyers getting cold feet or having issues with financing. 

What should you do next?
If a sale falls through, the best thing to do is to brush it off and get the property back onto the market without delay, commencing with a new marketing campaign. If the property has fallen through due to an issue arising from a survey, such as dampness or a structural issue, this should be discussed with the estate agent. 

How can you prevent a sale from falling through?
Don’t forget to check your mortgage status before putting in an offer to ensure that you will be accepted to buy the home. You should always remember to be patient, especially when waiting for sales to go through. The negotiation stage can be the most frustrating as you want the sale to move ahead quickly, but it is worth taking a step back and letting the negotiations take their course. 

The most important thing is to choose an agent who will be able to constantly chase your sale through, no matter if it is in a chain of not.

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